Bharada E's Superior And The One Who Gave The Order To Kill Brigadier J Came From The Mouth Of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo
Inspector General Ferdy Sambo who is now a suspect in the murder of Brigadier J (Photo via Antara)
"The shooting incident against brother J which resulted in the death of brother J, which was carried out by brother RE, on the orders of brother FS"

JAKARTA - The words of the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo above become a new chapter in the long drama of the death of Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J. Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, former Head of the Propam Division of the National Police Headquarters, was named a suspect.

To be honest, lawyer Bharada E. Advocate M. Burhanuddin gave these signals to VOI, explaining bluntly that Bharada E was indeed at the official residence when the incident took place. But certainly, there is no such thing as a shootout like an action film.

The projectiles scattered and lodged in the wall were just an alibi created. Worse yet, Brigadier J's weapon was deliberately fired upwards. In order to give the impression that there has been a shootout, as in the initial story between Brigadier J and Bharada E.

"To shoot upwards, yes, to give the impression of a shootout projectile," said M. Burhanuddin. It has recently been revealed that Inspector General Ferdy Sambo himself fired the bullet.

However, the question is whether the bullets from Brigadier J's weapon were spit out after he died or not, this remains unanswered.

The team of lawyers also stated that Bharada E had orders from his superiors to shoot.

"They were told to shoot. Shoot, shoot, I see," said Bharada E's lawyer, M. Burhanuddin.

However, Burhanuddin was reluctant to directly mention the superior of Bharada E in question. He only said that Brigadier J had been ordered to shoot by his superiors.

"Our superiors can already guess who the boss is," he said.

And the National Police Chief, General Sigit, answered all the outstanding issues. Accompanied by three- and two-star generals, General Sigit firmly explained Inspector General Ferdy Sambo as a suspect.

"Timsus has decided to name brother FS (Ferdy Sambo) as a suspect," said General Sigit.

Inspector General Ferdy Sambo is accused of premeditated murder.

"Investigators apply Article 340 subsidiary Article 338 in conjunction with Articles 55 and 56 of the Criminal Code," said Kabareskrim Komjen Agus Ardianto.

The application of the article is based on the results of the investigation while Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has a major role. He is said to have made a scenario of a shootout between Bharada RE and Brigadier J.

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