Two Bookies Arrested While Recapping And Waiting For Deposit Money At Pasar Rau Serang
The evidence of the gambling suspect is secured by the police/ Photo: Doc. Banten Police

SERANG - Serang City Police Satreskrim arrested two suspects related to a gambling crime in Lopang Village, Serang District, Serang City Banten, Friday, August, at around 20.30 WIB.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Serang City Police, AKP David Adhi Kusuma, said that the disclosure of this gambling case started from public information. And his party immediately took action by conducting raids on the reported locations.

"The disclosure of this case began when officers received a report from the public that there was a location in the area where lottery-type gambling was used," said David in a written statement, Tuesday, August 9.

Following up on the report, the Serang City Police Satreskrim team immediately went to the crime scene and arrested two lottery gamblers with the initials SS (34) and NS (46).

"After heading to the crime scene, the officers managed to secure two lottery gamblers, namely SS and NS. At that time, NS was recapitulating the couple using a cellphone in front of their contract," said David.

Furthermore, from NS's statement, the officers managed to catch SS at Rau Market while taking the deposit.

"From NS's statement, information was obtained that he deposited lottery funds to SS. Then the officers managed to secure SS at Rau Market while waiting for the deposit from NS," explained David.

From the results of the arrest, the officers managed to secure evidence, namely money in the amount of Rp. 300,000, one unit of Honda Blade motorbike, two Nokia brand mobile phones, one VIVO brand mobile phone, one Samsung brand mobile phone.

The perpetrator was taken to the Serang Police for further investigation.

"For their actions, the perpetrators are suspected of violating Article 303 of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. And from SS's statement it is known that SS has been gambling lottery for the past year," concluded David.

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