Feeder Ship MV Mathu Bhum Returns To Sailing After 96 Days Hold
Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - Feeder ship MV Mathu Bhum, on Sunday returned to sailing after 96 days stuck in Belawan Port for allegedly carrying cooking oil which is prohibited from being exported.

"The results of the inspection show that in fact there is no violation of the law in the goods on board. So Sunday, the ship has set sail again," said Chairman of the Board of Transport Service Users (Depalindo), Toto Dirgantoro, quoted from Antara, Sunday, August 7.

He said, in the process of examining the ship, the Navy investigators found that two crew members (ABK) did not have a Seaman's Book, so they were called not seaworthy.

It was this finding that ultimately led to the captain being charged with a criminal act so that he was fined and not allowed to carry the ship with the cargo.

In the decision of the Panel of Judges on August 4, it was stated that the ship and its export goods were returned in 436 containers and a fine of IDR 200 million was imposed on the captain of the ship.

There is also the process of continuing to export the goods again with special treatment from the Belawan Customs and Excise Service Office.

Including providing opportunities for goods that are no longer suitable for export can be lowered.

Executive Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Rubber Companies (Gapkindo) of North Sumatra, Edy Irwansyah, said the Association members chose to continue with the 17 containers of rubber products that were previously stuck on the ship to continue their exports.

"Hopefully the ship's journey to the transhipment port in Port Klang, Malaysia goes smoothly so that export rubber goods will soon arrive in the destination country," he said.

According to Edy, the demand for rubber has started to increase, although the selling price is still fluctuating.

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