Want Social Media To Be Responsive To Various Issues, Bogor Regency Government Gives Admin For 3 Days
Bogor Regent's Office in Cibinong District, Bogor Regency, West Java. (Wikimedia Commons dock)

BOGOR - The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Bogor, West Java, galvanizes all social media admins (medsos) for regional devices to have creative abilities.

"Because through social media, various information, government policies, government work programs can be conveyed to the wider community," said Acting Regent of Bogor, Iwan Setiawan when attending the technical guidance of social media admins in Cisarua, Bogor, quoted from Antara, Wednesday, July 6.

A social media admin is someone who is trusted to manage and operate everything related to social media platforms

According to him, the training in managing social media, which took place three days from Monday, was to optimize the role of public relations in massively and creatively publishing information to the public.

He said that in the era of digitalization, social media has become the most effective means of disseminating information, so its management needs to be taken seriously.

The importance of social media management is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Administrative Reform Bureaucratic Reform number 83 of 2012 concerning Guidelines for the Utilization of Social Media in Government Agencies which demands that public relations respond quickly to challenges and bridge the relationship between the government and the community through good public communication.

"In order to really optimize social media in their respective work units, because no matter how good a government program is, if it is not published properly, the public will not know," he added.

Iwan also asked all social media admins in regional devices to actively monitor social media, be responsive to various issues that arise, and move quickly in responding to netizens' information needs.

Head of the Bogor Regency Communication and Information Office (Diskominf), Bayu Ramawanto added, the era of revolution 4.0 disruption has encouraged the application and digital transformation in all aspects of life and gave birth to various innovations.

"Optimization of digitization is very much needed such as podcasts, social media, youtube and others, so it is very important to improve the quality, skills and abilities of social media managers or admins throughout Bogor Regency, starting from the official, sub-district and village levels through this technical guidance," he said.

This social media management training was attended face-to-face by all social media admins at the service and sub-district levels. Then, it was attended online by village-level social media admins.

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