Commotion! These Residents Received A Booster Dose Vaccine Certificate In The PeduliLindung Application, Even Though They Have Not Been Injected
Illustration-(Irfan Meidianto/VOI)
JAKARTA - The perfect time to relax. As soon as RN muttered, when he looked outside he saw the weather conditions were a little cloudy with cold air sweeping almost all over his body.
The smell of robusta coffee in a glass with a spoonful of sugar seems suitable as a friend to see the world through news offerings to music that will soon be heard.
Understandably, as a classical music lover, radio is one of the 'opiates' to start the morning which will soon be approached by busy work here and there.
The time is 6.00 WIB in the morning. RN, a father of two who works at one of the national media in Jakarta, was too late to listen to the songs that were presented. Not yet finished following the rhythm and singing along on the radio, RN was surprised by his wife's call.
Stories also flow from his wife about the booster or third dose of COVID-19 vaccination that the government wants to promote. Reportedly, one of his wife's sisters had received the last dose of vaccination even though she had not registered for an injection.
With a confused face, RN tried to open the Cares for Protection application. Sure enough, the same thing he experienced. The certificate of the third dose of vaccine is already in possession with the address at the Bogor Police Station.
CareProtect Screenshot

"Wow, even though I haven't been injected with a booster dose at all. The vaccine certificate says Moderna for the third dose," said RN when met by VOI at his office, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, July 6.
The same thing was experienced by his wife when asked to see PeduliLindungi. It turns out that the third dose of vaccine certificate has been received with the AstraZaneca type. RN and his wife currently live in Depok, West Java. However, for the vaccination certificate, it is stated that it was carried out at the Bogor Resort Police.
CareProtect screenshot
In fact, continued RN, he and his wife are planning to take this third dose of vaccination. In addition to protecting yourself and your family from subvariants of omicron BA.4 and BA.5, vaccination is intended to prevent inspections when going to work to Jakarta by train.
"It's usually checked before entering the station. So let it go smoothly, going anywhere is easier. But if something like this happens, I don't know where to go"
"Moreover, on the radio, I also heard instructions from President Joko Widodo so that the booster dose should be carried out immediately. So we want to hurry up for the vaccine," said RN.
The same thing was experienced by RR, a worker in the graphics department of a company in the Central Jakarta area. Because he heard information about the booster that the government was starting to speed up, RR took the initiative to open his PeduliLinduingi application.
Sure enough! The 28-year-old youth who lives in Citereup, Bogor, West Java, saw that his application was complete with a certificate of the third dose of vaccine.
"So the first and second vaccines are Sinovac, when they were given early. Now for the third, it's AstraZaneca with the location of administration at the Bogor Police," said RR to VOI.
Data from the Ministry of Health as of Tuesday, July 5 shows that the number of recipients of the first dose of vaccine reached 201,616,400 people, 169,192,447 for the second dose of vaccination and the last for the third dose of vaccination was 51,180,596. Meanwhile, the target for vaccination in Indonesia is 208,265,720 people.
Meanwhile, for the 91,018 specimens examined, the results were 2,577 new positive cases of COVID-19.
"The total accumulated positive cases since COVID-19 was discovered in Indonesia has reached 6,097,928 people and active cases have increased by 878 to 17,354 cases," said Ministry of Health data, Tuesday, July 5.
Today's recovered cases increased by 1,282 people, bringing the total to 5,913,807 people recovered. Then, positive confirmed cases who died increased by 3 cases and totaled 156,731 people.
The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment as the Java-Bali PPKM Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan in an official statement on Monday, July 4 yesterday said that the implementation of the booster vaccine as a condition for community mobility would only be implemented in two weeks at the latest.
The decision refers to the results of a Limited Cabinet Meeting chaired by President Joko Widodo and will be regulated through the COVID-19 Task Force regulation and other derivative regulations.
Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Mohammad Syahril, said that the government's plan to implement a booster dose of vaccine as a travel requirement is a form of tightening health protocols in line with the rate of increase in COVID-19 cases in a number of areas.
"The president has stated that (the trip condition booster). We don't want to go into the previous case that caused a spike in sick people," said Mohammad Syahril, quoted by Antara, Tuesday, July 5.

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