PPKM Extended, Jabodetabek Rises To Level 2!
Illustration/Photo: PIXABAY

JAKARTA - Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian has extended the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) on the islands of Java-Bali and outside Java-Bali through Domestic Instruction (Inmendagri) Number 33 of 2022 and Inmendagri Number 34 of 2022.

This PPKM extension is valid for four weeks, from July 5 to August 1, 2022. In implementing the PPKM this time, a number of regions experienced an increase in the level of assessment from PPKM Level 1 to Level 2.

A number of areas that experienced an increase in the PPKM level to Level 2 Level 2 are the Jabodetabek agglomeration areas such as DKI Jakarta Province, Tangerang City, Tangerang Regency, South Tangerang City, Bogor City, Bekasi City, Depok City, Bogor Regency, and Bekasi Regency. Sorong Regency also increased to Level 2.

The Director General of Regional Development at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safrizal, said that the implementation of PPKM this time needed serious attention to all parties, especially Java and Bali, where there were regions with PPKM Level 2 status.

"Recently, we have seen an increase in Covid-19 cases due to the spread of BA.4 and BA.5 variants. Some areas have to be raised to Level 2," said Safrizal in his statement, Tuesday, July 5.

Thus, currently there are 114 regions with PPKM Level 1 status in Java and Bali. This number decreased from the previous Inmendagri implementation, which was 128 regions.

Meanwhile, the number of regions with Level 2 status increased to 14 regions, from the previous none at Level 2.

Meanwhile, in the implementation of PPKM outside Java-Bali, the conditions are still the same, namely 385 regions with PPKM Level 1 status, and only 1 region with PPKM Level 2 status. .

Safrizal appealed to the public not to panic with the increase in cases of Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 which had a peak period of cases that were faster than the previous variant.

Considering, based on a study by the Ministry of Health, it showed that the peak of cases of COVID-19 variants BA.4 and BA.5 was about 30 percent - 50 percent lower than cases of the omicron variant, which was accompanied by mild symptoms.

"So, people don't need to panic, but without reducing their vigilance in implementing strict health protocols, especially wearing masks in a closed room (indoor)," said Safrizal.

Furthermore, Safrizal emphasized that the government remains optimistic that it can control the pace of development of Covid-19 by not neglecting the important factor of national economic recovery efforts.

Therefore, one of the new provisions in the regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 34 of 2020 concerning the implementation of PPKM Outside Java-Bali adds Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport in Pekanbaru, Riau Province as an entry point for foreign travelers, to encourage the smooth traffic of people, goods and services as one of the levers of economic growth.

In this regard, Safrizal said the local government together with all components of society and the TNI/Polri must continue to accelerate the third dose of vaccination.

Currently, the national achievement of the third dose of vaccination is still below 30 percent, with the highest achievement being the provinces of DKI Jakarta and Bali where the booster vaccine coverage has reached more than 50 percent.

"Efforts to pursue and expand the coverage of this third dose of vaccination certainly require intensive collaboration in the field, both within the scope of Forkopimda, as well as strengthening pentahelix cooperation by involving religious leaders, community leaders, and the media," he added.

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