Allegedly Electric Short Circuit, One Motor Unit Burnt In Resident's Homeyard
Residents at the location of the burning motorcycle in the Duren Sawit area/ Photo: Rizky Sulistio/VOI

JAKARTA - One motorbike was burnt while parking in the yard of a house on Nusa Indah 2 Street, RT 01/05, Malaka Jaya Village, Duren Sawit District, Monday, July 4, afternoon.

The fire is thought to have originated from an electrical short in the motor plug cable. The fire then grew and burned the front yard of the house.

"Initially, the motorbike caught fire. When the fire got big, local residents panicked and tried to put out the fire," said Duloh (56), one of the local residents at the fire site, Monday, July 4.

Luckily, the fire was extinguished after being assisted by a fire engine that arrived at the location.

Head of Operations for the East Jakarta Fire and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-dept., Gatot Sulaeman, said that his party received a fire report at around 14.05 western Indonesia time from PPSU who came to the Klender fire station.

"The object that caught fire was a resident's house unit. The fire was extinguished at around 14.10 western Indonesia time by residents. The officers who arrived at the location were only doing the cooling," he said.


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