Police Arrest Collector Of Stolen Goods From An Empty House In Cengkareng Area
Evidence from the theft in an empty house in Cengkareng, West Jakarta/ Photo: Spc

JAKARTA - The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cengkareng Police has again arrested a collector of goods stolen from an empty house in the Duri Kosambi area, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

"The suspect in the collection of the stolen goods with the initials D alias M was arrested in Bogor, West Java," said Cengkareng Police Chief Commissioner of Police Ardhie Demastyo when confirmed by VOI, Monday, July 4.

Apart from arresting D alias M, the police are still developing a case to hunt down other criminals who are still at large.

"We are also still pursuing two DPOs who acted as collectors of the proceeds of crime," he said.

To account for his actions, D alias M, a stolen goods collector was charged with Article 480 of the Criminal Code.

Previously, it was reported that the theft of valuables in an empty house was recorded on CCTV at Mawar Street Block F15, Duri Kosambi Village, Cengkareng District, West Jakarta, Friday, July 1 yesterday.

In CCTV footage, the perpetrators numbered two people riding a motorbike and breaking down the gate lock. After successfully stealing the victim's property worth IDR 400 million, the two suspects then sold the illicit goods to a number of intermediaries. The two perpetrators of the theft were eventually arrested at different locations.


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