DPRD Appreciates Bobby Nasution's Quick Response To Medan Residents' Aspiration
Medan City DPRD chairman Hasyim (left) receives a piece of cone from Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution in Medan, Friday (1/7/2022). (ANTARA/HO-Special)

MEDAN - The chairman of the DPRD for the City of Medan Hasyim hopes that the city of Medan, North Sumatra, will truly become a city that is blessed and can be felt by the people.

"We appreciate that some of the residents' aspirations have been followed up by the Medan City Government. This is related to priority programs which are hopes for the residents of Medan City," said Hasyim in Medan, quoted by Antara, Friday, July 1.

This statement was made by Hasyim after attending the flag ceremony in commemoration of the 432nd Anniversary of the City of Medan at the Mini Stadium, University of North Sumatra, Medan.

He said, in the health sector, free health services are available in 41 puskesmas and 39 sub-health centers in the Medan City area.

In addition, there is a sizeable addition to the quota for the BPJS Health program that receives contribution assistance in 2022, and by 2023 the Medan City Government will have a universal health coverage program.

Data from BPJS Kesehatan Medan Branch until May 2022 shows that the universal health coverage program has reached 88.08 percent of the total 2,525,077 residents of Medan City.

"With the universal health coverage program, residents of Medan City can get treatment at all hospitals in Medan City in collaboration with BPJS Kesehatan for free, and it is enough to bring an ID card," he said.

"This applies to all residents of Medan City without exception. So far, free treatment is only at the puskesmas," continued Hasyim.

Hasyim said that the Medan City Government is currently completing the puddle, including the handling of the tidal flood in northern Medan, which has been budgeted for this year.

"I hope that at the ripe age of 432, Medan City can really become a comfortable, peaceful, conducive city, and the poverty rate will decrease," said Hasyim, who is also the Chairman of the Medan City PDIP DPC.

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