Results Of 3 Months Of Operation, Police Arrest 22 Drug Dealers With Evidence Of 32.5 Kilograms Of Meth And Marijuana
The suspects in drug cases at the Central Jakarta Police/Photo: Rizky Sulistio/VOI

JAKARTA - The Central Jakarta Metro Police destroyed 32.5 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 5 kilograms of marijuana from four narcotics smuggling cases from March to June 2022.

The head of the Central Jakarta Metro Police, Grand Commissioner Komarudin, said that of the four narcotics cases, 22 people were arrested and made suspects.

"The first case, on March 20, 2022, managed to confiscate 9.5 kg of crystal methamphetamine with a total of 10 suspects," said Grand Commissioner Komarudin, Friday, July 1.

Then, he continued, the second time, on March 23, 2022, we managed to reveal as much as 20 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine with a total of 5 suspects.

Furthermore, on April 8, 2022, 5 kilograms of marijuana were found again, with 3 suspects.

Furthermore, Grand Commissioner Komarudin explained, that on June 21, 2022, his party managed to uncover 500 grams of crystal methamphetamine with a total of 4 suspects.

"Where the Central Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Investigation Team conducts surveillance of the people we are targeting," he said.

Based on the information obtained, continued Komarudin, they will carry out transaction activities on Pramuka Street in the Central Jakarta area.

"From the 2 people we carried out reconnaissance, the initials AS alias J and MR alias T, which we followed, we followed them to the Depok area," he said.

There the police made the arrests of the two men and are still in development.

"In a rented house, we arrested 2 people, we will continue with the search," he said.


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