Deputy Governor Mr. Ijeck Responds To Protest To Close Holywings: Let Bobby Nasution Work First, We'll Evaluate Later
North Sumatra Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) Musa Rajekshah or familiarly called Mr. Ijeck

MEDAN - North Sumatra Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) Musa Rajekshah or familiarly called Mr. Ijeck handed over the 'fate' of Medan's Holywings to Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution.

This statement was made by Mr. Ijeck in response to the demonstration demanding the closure of Holywings Medan following the promotion of alcoholic beverages for the owner of the name Muhammad-Maria.

"We have appealed to all entrepreneurs and I also need to take this opportunity to convey that we have appealed that there is no longer any element of SARA in business or in any case because we want to maintain the integrity of our nation and country. So it's not that we agree with what Holywings has done, but I hope that you will be patient, so that the government will work to evaluate what this place of business will look like in the future," Mr. Ijeck was quoted as saying Friday, July 1.

According to Mr. Ijeck, the public's reaction to the Holywings case did not only take place in Medan, several regions also reacted the same way.

"Therefore, I hope that this incident will serve as a lesson for all business actors so that in promoting their business they do not discredit certain religions or ethnicities. Enough of this incident for the last time," he said.

"Regarding the revocation of the business license which is the demand for the mass action from the Pancasila Youth and Student Unit (Sapma PP) this afternoon in front of the Governor's office, I convey that this is the authority of the Regency/City or in this case, the Medan City Government, let the Medan City Government work first, then we will evaluate together," continued Mr. Ijeck.

It was previously reported that the Governor of North Sumatra (Gubsu) Edy Rahmayadi first asked the regional head to act decisively.

"I appeal to the mayors/regents, let's answer the people's aspirations to close Holywings, because that is the authority of the Pemko/Regency Governments," said Governor Edy's statement via an upload on the edy_rahmayadi Instagram account, Thursday, June 30.

In the description of his upload, Governor Edy confirmed that he supports Holywings in Medan being closed. The alcohol promotion incident for visitors named Muhammad and Maria triggered a wave of rejection of Holywing in a number of areas.

“To be honest, personally, I strongly support that Holywings in North Sumatra should be closed because it is already very disturbing. But because the authority to close nightclubs can only be done by the local Mayor/Regent, so I urge the Regional Heads to work together. We will solve this problem, answer the people's aspirations by closing Holywings," said Governor Edy.

Regarding the Holywings permit, Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution previously said the permit was still running. However, the Medan City Government has given a warning to Holywings.

"The permit is still running, but we gave a warning yesterday," Bobby told reporters in Medan, Tuesday, June 28.

According to Bobby, the reprimand contained an urge to Holywings to apologize to Muslims and Christians in the city of Medan.




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