This Is The Contents Of The Workers' Attitude Statement Served To The Constitutional Court
President of KSPI Said Iqbal and President of KSPSI Andi Gani showing the contents of the statement to the Constitutional Court, Monday 2 November (Diah Ayu W / VOI)

JAKARTA - Representatives of labor unions came to the building of the Constitutional Court to submit a written statement regarding the proposed material test lawsuit and formal review of the Job Creation Law.

This statement of attitude was brought directly by the President of KSPI Said Iqbal and the President of KSPSI Andi Gani. Iqbal said that this statement of attitude was made to warn the Constitutional Court judges to be fair when the labor union filed a judicial review.

"This statement of attitude basically states that the labor group asks the Constitutional Justice to make the fairest decisions possible, regardless of any interests except the interests of the state," said Iqbal in front of the Constitutional Court building, Central Jakarta, Monday, November 2. .

If a judicial review is filed, Iqbal asks the Constitutional Court Judge not only to consider material evidence or the words contained in the articles of the article on the Job Creation Act.

However, the Constitutional Court Judges were also asked to consider the effects in the articles of the Job Creation Law which resulted in impairing the constitutional rights of workers.

"These losses, for example, are about contract arrangements or PKWT and PKWTT. By looking at that article, it seems that there is no problem that has been caught by the public," said Iqbal.

"However, we ask the Constitutional Court judges to abolish the contract time limit and contract period in the Ciptaker Law. This is because the constitutional implication of a citizen becomes a loss because he does not have the opportunity to be appointed as a permanent employee because there is no time limit on the contract," he continued.

Likewise with the UMSK which was removed. The Job Creation Act mandates that there is still a minimum wage, namely UMP or there is a conditional UMK. However, Iqbal said that workers still do not receive the same level of wages for one province.

"Is it fair if the flip-flop company has the same minimum wage as the Toyota or Freeport factory? This is what we are asking to decide fairly.

Other problematic articles that were mentioned in the statement of attitude for the Constitutional Court were issues of outsourcing, reduction of severance pay, wages for working hours, and regarding foreign workers.

Iqbal said that actually his party was ready to bring the material review file which would be submitted to the Constitutional Court. However, unfortunately until now the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has not given the numbering to the Job Creation Law. Thus, only a statement of attitude was recently submitted.

"Because there is no number, KSPSI and KSPI were forced to submit this lawsuit file, but apparently we could not do it because we had to wait for the number issued by the government," he concluded.

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