Boris Johnson Insinuated About Invasion, President Putin Raises Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Launches Military Operation In Falkland Islands
Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin saat parade Victory Day. (Wikimedia Commons/The Presidential Press and Information Office)

JAKARTA - Russian President Vladimir Putin refuted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's insinuation that he would not have invaded Ukraine had it been a woman on Thursday.

Speaking at an early-morning news conference during a visit to Turkmenistan, President Putin pointed to British PM Margaret Thatcher's decision to send troops to the Falklands as a refutation of Johnson's theory.

PM Johnson on Wednesday dubbed President Putin's decision to launch what Moscow called a special military operation against Ukraine a "perfect example of toxic masculinity" and mocked Putin's macho attitude.

"I just want to remember the historical event, when Margaret Thatcher decided to launch a military operation against Argentina for the Falkland Islands. So, a woman took the decision to launch military action," she said 'hitting back' PM Johnson, launches Reuters June 30.

"Therefore, this is not a completely accurate reference from the British Prime Minister to what happened today."

Furthermore, President Putin then criticized the British move 40 years ago, to respond militarily to Argentina's efforts to seize the small British-administered islands in the South Atlantic.

"Where are the Falkland Islands and where is Britain? Thatcher's actions were dictated by imperial ambition and (desire to) confirm their imperial status," President Putin said.

It is known, Moscow has repeatedly denounced Western military interventions such as the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq as examples of Western imperialism and hypocrisy.

However, during his two-decade rule, President Putin himself has faced accusations of imperialism, wanting to forcefully expand Russia's borders and influence throughout the former Soviet Union, and has himself said that he hopes he can reverse the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russia's February 24 invasion of Ukraine has destroyed many cities, killed thousands of civilians and forced millions to flee their homes across Ukraine.

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