Riau Islands COVID-19 Task Force: Karimun Returns To Zero Corona Virus Status
Illustration of health workers tackling national COVID-19 cases. (Antara)

KEPRI - Karimun Regency in the Riau Islands Province (Kepri) recorded again zero active cases of COVID-19, following which one patient was declared cured.

The daily chairman of the Riau Islands COVID-19 Handling Task Force (Kepri) Adi Prihantara said the government was able to control the transmission of COVID-19 in Karimun so that there were currently zero active cases in the area.

"Cases of death due to COVID-19 in Karimun are also rare," said the Riau Islands Regional Secretary in Tanjungpinang, quoted from Antara, Tuesday, June 28.

Adi said Karimun had zero active cases of COVID-19, but it didn't last long. The number of new cases that have emerged in Karimun in the last four months is relatively small.

"At least one or two cases appear, but not every day. For example, one patient who has just recovered is a patient who has been infected with COVID-19 for more than a week. After that, there are no new cases added," he said.

Adi said three other districts, namely Lingga and the Anambas Islands, had no active COVID-19 cases for more than two months, while Bintan was approaching a month.

While the active case in Batam City increased by one person to become two people, while Tanjungpinang there was one new case of COVID-19. Tanjungpinang only lasted a day with no active COVID-19 cases.

In addition to the two cities, Natuna Regency also has one active case of COVID-19. "One active case in Natuna was about three days ago. After that there were no new cases," he said.

Lingga and Anambas have been designated as Green Zones for more than a month, while Tanjungpinang, Batam, Karimun, Natuna, and Bintan are still Yellow Zones or the risk of transmission is low.

"We ask residents to support the COVID-19 vaccination program to accelerate the communal immune-boosting program," he said.

The achievement of the first dose of vaccination in Riau Islands reached 1,767,804 people or 98.06 percent, the second dose was 1,524,845 people or 84.59 people and the third dose was 636,907 people or 46.45 percent.

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