The Governor Of South Sulawesi Observes The Development Progress Of The Pekkae-Takkalalla Barru Section
South Sulawesi Governor Andi Sudirman Sulaiman reviewed the progress of the Pekkae Barru section construction, Saturday (6/25/2022). ANTARA/HO-South Sulawesi Provincial Government

MAKASSAR - Governor of South Sulawesi Andi Sudirman Sulaiman reviewed the progress of handling the Pekkae - Takkalala road, in Barru Regency.

This section, which is usually called Buludua, connects Barru Regency and Soppeng Regency and is a priority for Governor Andi Sudirman, to be handled this year because it is one of the sections with high average daily traffic (LHR) with heavily damaged conditions.

"I am reviewing the progress of handling more than 7 km for the Pekkae - Takkalalla section with a PAGU allocation of IDR 41.9 billion," he said, quoted by Antara, Saturday, June 25.

In this review, workers are in the stages of constructing the talud. "The elevation of the road is carried out because at that location there have been several times of flooding on the road due to overflowing river water," he said.

The governor also asked for community support in continuously monitoring the progress of the road construction stages.

"We hope that this work can be completed soon according to our shared expectations, so that it can facilitate the mobility of the community whose estuary will have an impact on improving the community's economy," he said.

Meanwhile, the local community was very happy with the construction of the road.

“Alhamdulillah, we, the people here, are very grateful that the road is being worked on. Usually when it rains, it often floods. Hopefully with the construction of this canal, the road will be given a height, we will no longer be flooded," said a resident of Botto-Botto, Tanete Riaja sub-district, Barru, named Mustafa (62).

He also said that the road was damaged, so it interfered with passing motorists. "Hopefully, if the roads are good, they can help our economy," said the man who works as a farmer.

In line with other residents, Sareha (45) said residents not only pass through Camba when going to Makassar, but can already use the road.

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