Demo Ends Anarchic At Tor Bridge Papua: Sarmi Regional Secretary Attacked, 3 Police Injured
Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri. ANTARA/Evarukdijati

JAYAPURA - Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri stated that the demonstration by a group of residents at the Upper Tor Bridge was anarchic, forcing Sarmi Police officers to take firm action against them. Six residents were dealt with firmly with gunfire.

According to a report received by the Kapolda, the anarchic demonstrator initially attacked the Regional Secretary (Sekda) Sarmi Elias Bakay, causing him to be injured in the head.

"As a result of the anarchy, officers fired warning shots at the protesters demanding compensation for the payment of the customary rights of the Upper Tor Bridge. They continued to attack using sharp weapons and traditional weapons, such as arrows, which left three members injured," said Inspector General Fakhiri, quoted by Antara, Friday, May 27.

Meanwhile, the six protesters who suffered gunshot wounds were Rio Weiraso, Tandius Saroni, Izak Anabe, Leo Weraso, Dedeus Sarone, and Esra Mamawiso.

The incident, which occurred on Friday (27/5) afternoon at around 17.00 WIT, began when members of the Sarmi Police tried to disperse the blocking action of a bridge that was carried out by about 100 members of the community combined from Tor Atas, Apawer, and Mafen Tor. The masses demanded payment of the customary rights of the Upper Tor Bridge.

The roadblocks that have been carried out since 15.00 WIT have prevented traffic from and to Sarmi from being crossed.

At around 17.00 WIT, Sarmi Regional Secretary Elias Bakay together with Sarmi Police personnel led by the Head of Ops AKP Josua Abba visited the TKP and held a meeting with the masses who were doing the imprisonment, but did not find any clear point regarding the payment.

Dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting, the masses then persecuted the Secretary of Regional Secretary Sarmi, who tried to protect himself but was still being chased.

Fakhiri explained that the officers had stopped the mass action by blocking the road, but their action became increasingly anarchic and attacked members with spears and arrows.

In response to this situation, the officers fired warning shots.

"Currently, the demonstrators are still staying in Mafentor Village and are blocking the road," said the Papuan Police Chief.

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