In A State Of Injury, The Ojol Driver Immediately Took The Toddler Victim Of The Mitsubishi Pajero Accident To The Hospital For Treatment
Capture the video screen of the deadly Pajero accident at MT Haryono

JAKARTA - Pancoran Traffic Committee Iptu Deni Setiawan revealed that one of the victims of a black Mitsubishi Pajero car accident at MT Haryono, Pancoran, South Jakarta, was a three-year-old toddler.

Denny said the toddler was being carried by his parents.

"Yes, with my parents, there was security below to tell you," said Denny when met at the location, Wednesday, May 25.

Denny said that after the incident the toddler had time to look for his parents when he was taken to the hospital.

"He was looking for his parents. (Security) Confused, because two people died. The victim (toddler) was taken by a gojek driver for treatment to Budi Asih, rescued," he said.

Denny is not sure whether the toddler has been met with his parents at the hospital or not, he is still looking for information.

"The information was still at the hospital, if you don't know now, maybe the family has arrived," he concluded.

As previously reported, a black Mitsubishi Pajero at MT Haryono, Pancoran, South Jakarta hit 5 motorbikes. The incident claimed the lives of 2 motorcyclists and 3 other people were seriously injured.

The victim died lying on the side of the road using an online motorcycle taxi helmet (ojol) with blood on his face.

Kokoy (41), one of the taxi drivers who was also a victim of the Mitsubishi Pajero, explained that the accident began when the Mitsubishi Pajero car passed from Cawang to Pancoran, Wednesday, May 25, at 20.00 WIB.

"Initially the Pajero stopped at a position 200 meters from behind here (in front of the Green Tower)," said Kokoy.

After that, the taxi car driven by Kokoy was suddenly rammed from behind by the Pajero.

"Not long after that there was a scream, I didn't know the motorbikes were hit by the Pajero driver. Not long after, my car was rammed into," he continued.

He added that the traffic situation on the road was jammed. Later, five motorbikes were involved in the accident.

"Traffic conditions were jammed, the Pajero was fast. The motorbikes were crushed by my car too, one motorbike was crushed, many were injured and some died," he concluded.

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