Hit And Run, Motorcyclist In Tangerang Killed By A Truck
Officers assisted by residents in evacuating the bodies of hit-and-run victims in Tangerang/ Photo: IST

TANGERANG - A motorcyclist with the initials FDN became a victim of a hit and run truck on Jalan Pembangunan III, Neglasari, Tangerang City. The victim, who used a motorcycle with a motorcycle number A-3058-ZW, died instantly at the scene.

The Head of the Gakkum Satlantas Polres Metro Tangera City AKP Badruzzaman said the incident occurred on Wednesday morning, May 25.

"Yes, it is true (the victim) suffered an injury to his right leg and died. The driver of the unknown vehicle fled towards Neglasari, Tangerang City," Badruzzaman said when confirmed.

Badruzzaman explained that the incident began when FDN was driving from Tanah Tinggi to Neglasari, Tangerang City. However, when he arrived at the crime scene (TKP) the victim swayed after hitting the truck.

"The right handlebar hit the left side of the body. The unknown vehicle swayed and fell to the right and the victim's right leg was run over by the rear tire of the truck," he explained.

Knowing the victim died, the truck driver fled the scene to Neglasari, Tangerang City. Meanwhile, the victim was immediately rushed to the Tangerang District Hospital.

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