Sleman Deputy Regent Invites The Community To Apply The Values Of Democracy And Human Rights
Deputy Regent of Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Danang Maharsa (left)/Photo: Antara

SLEMAN - Deputy Regent of Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Danang Maharsa invites the public to apply democratic values and uphold human rights in state life. Danang conveyed this at the Seminar "Understanding Democracy and Human Rights" organized by the National Unity Agency and Politics (Kesbangpol) of Sleman Regency at the Edupark Sinduadi Dormitory, Wednesday, June 25. He appreciated the seminar which aims to socialize and provide education about the meaning, implementation of democracy, and human rights more deeply to the community. It affects our understanding of democracy and real human rights," he said, quoted by Antara. He invited the people of Sleman Regency to maintain peace, respect each other, and work together as an effort to implement democracy and uphold human rights in real life. Kesbang Agency Sleman district police officer Achmad Raharjo said that this seminar aims to provide an understanding to the public so that they can participate in increasing understanding of democracy and human rights in Sleman Regency. general election," he said. During the event, the Deputy Regent of Sleman also opened the event which was attended by representatives of political parties, the Indonesian Village Apparatus Association (PPDI) Sleman, the PKK Mobilization Team (TP), and others.

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