Reject P3 Law, Labor Party And Labor Union Ready To Hold Big Action In DPR 8 June
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JAKARTA - The DPR has approved the revision of the Law on the Formation of Legislations (RUU P3) into law in a plenary meeting, Tuesday, May 25.

However, the ratification of the P3 Law was rejected by the Labor Party and labor unions because it was considered only a 'trick' to smooth over the revision of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation (UU Cipta Kerja). legal ruse, so that the omnibus law on the Job Creation Law can continue to be discussed and can be ratified immediately," said Labor Party President Said Iqbal in his statement, Wednesday, May 25.

Said explained two reasons why the Labor Party and labor unions rejected the revision of the P3 Law. First, the discussion on the revision of the P3 Law at the DPR Baleg is considered rushed. "According to the information we received, the revision of the P3 Law was only discussed for 10 days by the DPR Baleg," said Said.

According to Said, the P3 Law is an important legal product related to making laws. However, he said, the purpose of the revision of the P3 Law was only for temporary satisfaction so that the discussion was pursued. In fact, UU P3 is the spirit to make a legal product or formal requirements in Indonesia according to the orders of the 1945 Constitution.

"If the revision is accelerated to catch-up broadcast, it can be concluded that the content of the revision is filled with momentary interests. It does not involve the wider public and the requirements of the interests of certain groups," said Said.

Second, the revision of the P3 Law contains 3 things that are considered dangerous for the public. Especially for workers, farmers, fishermen, the urban poor, the environment, and human rights. Namely, simply inserting the omnibus law which has been rejected by the Labor Party as a method of forming laws. Then, the P3 Law is considered to allow the formation of laws not to involve broad public participation. The P3 Law is also suspected to allow 2x7 days a law product that has been voted on in the plenary session of the DPR to change.

Therefore, Said stated, the Labor Party together with elements of the trade unions will carry out a massive action on June 8 in front of the MPR/DPR/DPD RI building.

"We will carry out a large-scale action on June 8, 2022 involving tens of thousands of workers in the DPR RI. Simultaneously, the action will be carried out simultaneously in dozens of other industrial cities centered in the governor's office," said Said.

In addition to holding a large-scale action, Said said, his party will also submit a judicial review (JR) of the P3 Law to the Constitutional Court (MK) on May 31, 2022.

"We invite all components of the workers and other working classes to take massive action for 3 days in a row. We refuse to re-discuss the omnibus law on the job creation law, the date of which will be determined later," said Said Iqbal.

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