Child Abuse Perpetrator In Cengkareng Already Married: Police Still Investigating Uncle's Motives For 3 Years
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JAKARTA - The motive for the obscenity case that befell the LN victim (11) in the Cengkareng area, West Jakarta, is still under investigation by the Police. The reason is, until this news was written, the Cengkareng Police had not been able to find out the motive for the obscenity case carried out by suspect S (45) against LN (11).

The Head of the Cengkareng Police, Commissioner Ardhie Demastyo, admitted that his party was not sure what the motive for the perpetrator was to have sex with his own nephew.

In fact, the perpetrator himself already has a wife. The perpetrator only said that he was carried away by lust for the victim.

"The perpetrator already has a wife. So we are still investigating what the motive is. Meanwhile, the perpetrator confessed that he was passionate about the victim," he told reporters, Tuesday, May 24.

Previously, it was reported that from the results of the Cengkareng Police's investigation of the suspect with the initials S (45), an uncle who had the heart to rape his own nephew in the Cengkareng area, West Jakarta, had committed more than 10 acts of sexual abuse against a girl with the initials LN (11).

"The perpetrator has been doing it for 3 years since the victim was 8 years old. (The perpetrator) did it almost every day, but the sexual intercourse was carried out more than 10 times," said Cengkareng Police Chief, Commissioner of Police Ardhie Demastyo to VOI, Tuesday, May 24.

In fact, for 3 years, the suspect admitted to fondling the victim's body almost every day after being cared for by the victim's parents.

"While others groped and molested (victims)," he said.


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