Police Release 26 People Arrested During Riots At Horse Statue: No Evidence Of Crime

JAKARTA - The Jakarta Metro Police said that 26 people who had been arrested during a demonstration that turned violent in the Horse Statue area, Central Jakarta, last Friday, May 20, had been released. From the results of their examination, it was found that they were not proven to have committed a crime.

"After the examination, all of them were sent home and were not processed further," said Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E. Zulpan to reporters, Tuesday, May 24.

The reason the dozens of people were not prosecuted was because the police did not get sufficient evidence for alleged crimes.

"Because it is not strong enough with evidence of criminal crimes," he said.

Reflecting on this incident, Zulpan appealed to elements of society who wanted to hold demonstrations to stick to the rules. In this way, the activities of conveying aspirations can run in an orderly manner.

"Of course, this is an appeal lesson from us so that all elements who want to express their opinions in public must respect the provisions and rules," said Zulpan.

As previously reported, student demonstrations turned violent. The police also arrested as many as 26 rioters outside the student group.

From the identification results, the 26 people who were detained were not students. They were also taken to the Polda Metro Jaya.

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