Central Bangka Health Office Intensifies Rubella Measles Immunization
Head of the Central Bangka Health Office, Dr Anas Maarif/Photo: Antara

BANGKA BELITUNG - The Health Service of Central Bangka, Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands, has begun to intensify immunization against measles and rubella for children in the area.

"We have started to intensify this month, previously a little bit because we focused on giving doses of the COVID-19 vaccine," said Head of the Central Bangka Health Office, Dr. Anas Maarif in Koba, Monday, May 23.

His party has started to socialize the rubella measles immunization to parents, schools, and students.

"This immunization is carried out in the context of a commitment to achieve the elimination of measles and rubella/Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CSR) by 2023," said Anas as quoted by Antara.

In addition, he said, as an effort to maintain a polio-free status and create a polio-free world in 2026.

"This immunization target is for children aged nine to 12 years in Bangka Belitung Province and children under five who have not had their routine immunizations complete," he explained.

Anas said that the rubella measles immunization should always be available at the puskesmas and posyandu, but since the pandemic, it has become less intensive.

"But starting this month we will intensify it again and we hope parents really understand the benefits of rubella measles immunization for their children," said Anas.

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