Not A Typical Follower, NasDem Is Not Predicted To Join The United Indonesia Coalition
Surya Paloh/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - It is predicted that the Nasdem Party will not join the United Indonesia Coalition, which was formed by Golkar, PAN, and PPP. The party led by Surya Paloh is known to have good planning and calculations in contests such as the presidential and regional elections.

"I think Nasdem will give a surprise. They are not a typical “follower” party. On the other hand, they can provide an alternative by coming up with a fresh and surprising new look,” said Arya Fernandes, from CSIS to VOI, Wednesday, May 18.

Arya predicted that Nasdem could lead or form a new bloc where they could nominate alternative candidates. "Nasdem will hold a national meeting in July and I think they can give a surprise," said the CSIS researcher.

From a number of names of presidential candidate figures circulating in Nasdem, Arya sees three names that they will use. For example, Ganjar Pranowo, Anies Baswedan and Andika Perkasa.

"It could be a surprise that Nasdem no longer proposes, but immediately carries the name of a certain presidential candidate," said Arya. This can attract other parties who agree with the figure promoted by Nasdem so that they can join.

Arya sees that the electability of the presidential candidate and his relationship with the parties will be considered by Nasdem. He predicts that Nasdem will not carry Ganjar because the governor of Central Java is still connected to the PDIP. "I think maybe they will carry Anies Baswedan," said Arya.

"Relations between parties and parties have now become more intense, where each party has started to form coalitions long ago, not before the registration of candidate pairs," said Arya.

In addition, the relationship between candidates and parties becomes more attractive, because candidates now do not have to go to parties to get support anymore.

For the United Indonesia coalition itself, he saw that this coalition would be able to survive under several conditions. First, if the power sharing that occurs between the three parties is fair. Second, if you look at the candidates who will be carried, they have a big chance to win.

"This coalition will not survive if a candidate with high electability enters and offers coalition members something more certain," Arya concluded.

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