Bekasi City Government Asks Residents To Beware Of Animal PMK
Illustration/Photo: Antara

BEKASI - The Bekasi City Government has asked all residents to be aware of the spread of mouth and nail disease (FMD) in animals following the spread of the disease in a number of areas in West Java Province. said Head of the Bekasi City Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Security Service Herbert SW Panjaitan in Bekasi, Wednesday, May 18. Based on the Minister of Agriculture Decree Number 403 of 2022, four areas in East Java Province were designated as the origin of the oral and nail disease outbreak in animals, namely Gresik, Lamongan, Mojokerto, and Sidoarjo. "The infectious disease has now spread to Aceh Tamiang, even seven districts/cities in West Java have found similar cases as in East Java," he said, quoted by Antara. According to him, Bekasi City is classified as a threatened area. or suspected to be infected with the FMD outbreak because most of the livestock and Bekasi City livestock duks are imported from areas currently affected by the outbreak. "It is possible that Bekasi City can find cases of FMD because most of the livestock and livestock products sent to Bekasi City come from areas that have been declared by the Minister of Agriculture as FMD outbreak areas. The risk is very high," he said. Herbert explained that FMD transmission is obtained from direct contact with infected animals and can also be transmitted through livestock equipment that has been contaminated with viruses from infected animals.

In addition, it can also be transmitted through artificial insemination to contaminated animals as well as through consumption of infected meat products that are not processed properly or swill feeding. , deer/deer, camels, and elephants," he said. While the clinical symptoms of FMD include acute lameness in some animals, hypersalivation or visible saliva hanging and foamy saliva on the floor of the cage, and swelling of the submandibular glands. Then vesicles or blisters and or erosion around the mouth, tongue, gums, nostrils, cracked skin and nipples, animals lying down more often, high fever reaching 41 degrees Celsius, and decreased milk production. This infectious disease entered our territory," he said.

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