Foreign Aircraft Forced To Land In Batam Return To Resume Flights
A foreign aircraft of type DA62 with registration G-DVOR was forced to land in Batam. (Antara)

BATAM - The Indonesian Air Force allowed foreign civilian aircraft type DA62 with registration G-DVOR to enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia without permission on Friday, May 13, to resume flights.

Head of the Indonesian Air Force Information Service (Kadispenau) Marsma TNI Indan Gilang Buldansyah said the plane continued to fly to Malaysia.

"The Indonesian Air Force, in this case, the Hang Nadim Air Base Batam, has allowed the plane to continue its flight from Batam to Johor Baru Malaysia after the FC was published on Monday," Gilang said in a written statement, Wednesday, May 18.

He conveyed that the Indonesian government issued a flight clearance (FC) to the plane, which was manned by three British citizens, on Monday, May 16.

After pocketing the FC, based on the Antara report, the foreign plane which was ordered to land at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, and has been detained since Friday, May 13, left Batam for Johor Bahru Malaysia.

While detained in Batam, three crew members, namely MJT (pilot), TVB (copilot), and CMP (crew) underwent an administrative process and inspection by PPNS from the Regional II Airport Authority Office of the Directorate General of Hubud, Ministry of Transportation.

"The inspection of aircraft operators by PPNS is still ongoing, and will continue to process until sanctions are given," continued the statement.

The imposition of sanctions refers to Law Number 1 of 2009 concerning Aviation, Government Regulation (PP) RI number 4 of 2018 concerning Security of Indonesian Airspace, and Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number PM 27 of 2021 concerning Procedures for Supervision and Imposition of Administrative Sanctions Against Violations of Legislative Regulations in the Field of Aviation.


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