Police Examine Several Witnesses Regarding Blood Delivery To Tangerang
Illustration (Photo: Antara)

BANDA ACEH - The Banda Aceh Police have examined two witnesses related to the alleged delivery of around 2,050 bags of blood to Tangerang, Banten, by PMI Banda Aceh.

"While there are two people (who have been questioned), the plan is for four people tomorrow," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the Banda Aceh Police, Commissioner M Ryan Citra Yudha, in Banda Aceh, reported by Antara, Tuesday, May 17.

Ryan said the two witnesses who had been questioned were the Secretary of PMI Banda Aceh, Syukran Aldiansyah, and the Head of the Social Health Service and Blood Donor Unit, Dr. Natalina.

"Today we will make a letter of request again for the other witnesses, and tomorrow four people," he said.

Ryan emphasized that this case is still in the investigation stage to gather information from witnesses, so that later a conclusion can be drawn whether this case continues or not.

"We are also looking for evidence to conclude whether or not there is a crime in the case," said Commissioner Ryan.

Previously, PMI Banda Aceh was suspected of sending 2,050 bags of blood to Tangerang, and it was deemed not according to procedure and without a plenary meeting of all local PMI management. It was discovered during a surprise inspection by the management.

Based on their inspection results, 2,050 bags of blood were sent in January, February, and April 2022. As for March, it has not been confirmed because they only got data from car track records.

Then, the replacement cost for blood processing (BPPD) is also not in accordance with government regulations based on the Permenkes related to BPPD per bag of IDR 360 thousand. But delivery to Tangerang is only with BPPD of IDR 300 thousand per bag.


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