DKI DPRD Gerindra Faction Admits To Being Confused About The Difference Between The Terms Inundation And Flooding
Illustration (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Secretary of Commission D of DKI Jakarta DPRD from the Gerindra faction, Syarif admitted that he was confused about the naming of the terms flood and inundation used by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in controlling the problem.

He stated this in a meeting of Commission D of the DKI DPRD with the ranks of the DKI Provincial Government, including the Head of the Water Resources Service (SDA) Yusmada Faizal.

"I want Pak Kadis (Yusmada) to help us, people who don't understand about this flooding. Some are called flooded areas, some are called flood areas," said Syarif at the DKI Jakarta DPRD Building, Tuesday, May 17.

Syarif said that he often gets questions from residents about the difference between flooding and inundation. When residents feel that their area is flooded, sometimes the DKI Provincial Government calls it just a puddle.

"If we have questions from residents, 'Sir, it's flooding'. Then the government says it's not a flood, but it's inundated," said Syarif.

Therefore, to comfort the hearts of the affected residents, Syarif explained that the area was only inundated, by informing that the water would recede in a short time. On this confusion, Syarif made a joke. He admitted that he was reluctant to contact Yusmada if the area that residents complained about was being submerged, but was afraid that the area would not be flooded.

"If it's flooded, I'll call the Head of Head of Department.

On that occasion, Syarif also admitted that he was confused by the difference between a dam and a reservoir. Because, both of them function to hold water.

"There is a Pondok Ranggon reservoir. But, what I remember is that the Rangon cottage is a reservoir. I once, in the past, had an explanation at the Commission, which differentiated the reservoir from the reservoir. Please confirm, Mr. Kadis, "said Syarif.

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