North Barito Ready To Hold Simultaneous Village Head Elections In 73 Villages
Illustration/Photo: Antara

MUARA TEWEH - Simultaneous village head elections (pilkades) in 73 villages in nine sub-districts in North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan, are ready to be held in May 19, 2022.

"We are ready to carry out the simultaneous Pilkades on Thursday 19 May with a total of 249 village head candidates who have passed the administrative verification at the village level election committee," said Head of the North Barito Regency Social Empowerment Village Office, Eveready Noor in Muara Teweh, Tuesday 17 May.

According to him, 90 percent of the sub-district and village level committees are ready to carry out activities and adjust them to the existing schedule.

"The report on the readiness of the sub-district committee will be submitted in a meeting with the North Barito Regency level committee on Tuesday (17/5) in the meeting room of the North Barito Regional Secretariat," said Pery, who is the head of the PMD Social Service.

In preparation for the implementation of the simultaneous Pilkades, he said, it would be done virtually to all sub-districts throughout North Barito to submit reports directly on the implementation of activities to the Regent of North Barito and other invitees.

"This virtual implementation will also be attended by the PMD Social Service of Central Kalimantan Province. We also invite the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs, the Director-General of Village Administration, and PWI North Barito," Pery said as quoted by Antara.

He said the number of voters registered in the final voter list (DPT) was 44,080 people, polling stations were 130 polling stations, and ballots were 46,285 plus 5 percent of the DPT.

It was also stated that the highest number of voters was in Teweh Selatan District as many as 7,959 people, Middle Teweh 4,740 people, and Teweh Baru 7,589 people, while the sub-districts with the least number of voters registered in the DPT Gunung Purei District were recorded at 1,697 people.

The stages have been passed, including the campaign stages for the village head candidates from May 10 to 12, 2022. After that, Pery continued, they entered the stages of distributing voter invitations, making TPS, and the quiet period.

With the inclusion of the campaign time, it is hoped that the candidate for village head can use it well to convey his vision and mission.

He hopes that voters make choices not because of coercion, but choose based on the vision and mission as well as the ability to run the village government.

It is also said that the various professions in the nomination of village heads are mostly from entrepreneurs as many as 59 people, the second most from the farming or plantation professions as many as 56 people, the third most from current officials as many as 47 people, and the rest from other professions, including members of the board of directors of village deliberation (BPD) and state civil apparatus (ASN).

For gender, said Pery, as many as 223 men (89.56 percent) and 26 women (10.44 percent).

In terms of education, he continued, the 249 village head candidates consisted of 36 junior high school graduates, 173 high school graduates, seven Diploma 3 (D-3) graduates, 32 undergraduate (S-1) graduates and strata two (S-2) one person.

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