Deputy Governor Riza Predicts The Price Of Sacrificial Animals In DKI Will Be More Expensive Due To The Spread Of Mouth-and-mouth Diseases
Cattle from Kupang, NTT at the Surabaya Tanjung Perak Port (ANTARA/HO Surabaya Agricultural Quarantine)
JAKARTA - Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmas Riza Patria predicts the price of sacrificial animals ahead of this year's Eid will be even more expensive due to the mouth and nail disease (PMK) epidemic in animals that is spreading in a number of areas.
"We know that infectious diseases of the mouth and nails are becoming more widespread, more widespread, and this will be followed by an increase in the selling price of cattle, especially ahead of Eid al-Adha," said Riza at City Hall, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, May 17.
Currently, the DKI Provincial Government has not found any animals infected with FMD entering Jakarta. However, Riza admitted that his party had anticipated as an effort to maintain the quality of animals and meat circulating in the market.
"We have asked Dharma Jaya BUMD to immediately take anticipatory steps so that we can get cattle with good quality, far from FMD disease, and also at a price that is still affordable for people's purchasing power," he said.
For information, livestock in a number of areas in East Java are affected by foot and mouth disease (PMK). As a result of this outbreak, as many as 736 cows sent from East Nusa Tenggara to DKI Jakarta were detained at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya, East Java due to the animal FMD that was endemic in that area.
Separately, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Food, Maritime, and Agriculture Security Agency (KPKP), Suharini Eliawati, said that her party would tighten traffic for livestock shipments sent from outside the region together with a food task force involving the DKI Transportation Agency and Polda Metro Jaya.
"We are tightening the traffic. Apart from seeing the animal health certificate, where the livestock came from, we will also see the physical clinical symptoms of the animal itself," said Suharini.
In addition, the DKI Provincial Government will also provide education to the community of breeders and managers of livestock animal shelters in Jakarta.
"What we emphasize is bio security. Then the honesty of our own breeders, when was the last time we supplied their livestock, when to take them out, where to go, that's what we can communicate to them," he explained.

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