Social Media Can Be Dangerous, Former SOE Minister Admiral Sukardi Collaborates With Artists To Create Child-Friendly YouTube Content
Admiral Sukardi and artist Harry Tjahjono. (Photo: Ist)

JAKARTA - The former Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Laksamana Sukardi, said that children are used to seeing spectacles on social media that are not appropriate for their age. These contents contain hate, intolerance, disagreements and other useless things.

The spectacle is feared to poison the common sense and reasoning of children. For this reason, preventive measures are needed.

This is what made Laksamana Sukardi want to create kid-friendly YouTube content. In making it, Laksamana Sukardi collaborated with the artist Harry Tjahjono.

The two of them will collaborate to create song clips about the homeland, environment, tolerance, compassion, patriotism and other things needed to build the character of Indonesian children.

"It is necessary to prevent mental poisoning due to uneducated social media, such as materialism, intolerance, impoliteness and others," said Admiral Sukardi, in a written statement, Monday, May 16.

He added that social media currently has an important role, namely replacing traditional media. Social media is now very influential in determining the quality of the nation's children through the education process.

"Through social media we can build nationalism and national character. And it must start from the children," said Laksamana Sukardi.

Harry Tjahjono was happy to be involved in this activity. He admitted that he knew Laksamana Sukardi in 2008 when he was a cultural communicator. At that time, Admiral Sukardi founded the Democratic Reform Party.

"Pak LS then encouraged and supported me to translate this in the form of clip content on YouTube and social media. And I was given creative freedom to compose 100 Indonesian children's songs, which contain local wisdom and other positive things," said Harry Tjahjono.

Since March 23, 2022, Harry has actually written songs, made simple video clips, and uploaded them to his YouTube account. This content is now available on the Klip Klap Club youtube channel, which contains simple video clips of Harry Tjahjono's songs.

The writer of the song "Harta Berharga" who was born in Madiun, February 5, 1954, said that in early February 2022, he was invited to chat at his house, about many things. Finally, the conversation entered about the influence of social media on the world of Indonesian children such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and online games.

"I am grateful that the concept was accepted by most of the audience. One of them, the clip of Jamu Leluhur, has been viewed by 61,000 viewers in eight days.

"Efforts are indeed needed through KlipKlapKlub to build the nation's mental and character from an early age. With an edutainment approach (education and entertainment). Introducing the wisdom and national character through children's songs and video clips that are entertaining and educational," said Laksamana Sukardi, commenting on the KlipKlapKlub show on youtube channel.

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