M. Taufik Values 3 Names Of Acting Governor Of DKI As Anies Baswedan's Substitute Are Appropriate, Understands Jakarta And Has A Good Track Record
Deputy Chairman of the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) of DKI Jakarta Province Muhammad Taufik (Via ANTARA)
JAKARTA - Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD), Muhammad Taufik, said that the three names of candidates for the acting (Pj) Governor of DKI Jakarta to replace Anies Baswedan in October 2022, have a good track record of leading Jakarta.
Three names for the acting governor as potential replacements for Anies are Head of the Presidential Secretariat Heru Budi Hartono, Chair of the DKI Jakarta Provincial General Election Commission for the 2008-2013 period Juri Ardiantoro, and the Regional Secretary of DKI Jakarta Province, Marullah Matali.
"Heru is worthy, the jury is worthy, Marullah is also worthy, qualified," Taufik said when met by reporters after attending a halal bihalal ceremony for the extended family of the North Jakarta Nahdlatul Ulama Branch Manager in Koja, North Jakarta, Antara, Sunday, May 15.
Of the three names circulating, the treasurer of the Jakarta NU Regional Management believes that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is looking for someone who really understands the problems in DKI Jakarta to replace Anies for the next two years.
Heru Budi Hartono, for example, has filled a number of important positions in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Starting from being a Special Staff for the Mayor of North Jakarta in 1993, Head of the Urban Infrastructure and Facilities Division of North Jakarta City, to the Mayor of North Jakarta.
At City Hall, Heru has also served as Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Head of Regional and Foreign Cooperation Bureau and Head of the DKI Regional Assets Financial Management Agency (BPKAD).
In fact, the alumnus of Krisna Dwipayana University was also briefly partnered with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as a candidate for Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta in the 2017 DKI Jakarta Regional Head Election (Pilkada).
At that time, Basuki alias Ahok planned to advance to the Pilkada with Heru through an independent route. However, on the next trip, Ahok decided to go forward with Djarot Syaiful Hidayat with the support of political parties.
"He (Heru) really understands about Jakarta, I happen to know him well from below," said Taufik.
Meanwhile, Jury Ardiantoro is also considered to have the capability because he has served as the Chair of the DKI Jakarta Provincial KPUD.
The jury even had time to lead the Central KPU to replace the late Husni Kamil Manik who died due to illness, for the remaining 2016-2017 positions.
Taufik said that Juri Ardiantoro was also a nahdiyin. He is the Chancellor of the Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama University (Unusia) Jakarta for the 2021-2025 period who was inaugurated in September 2021 by the then General Chair of PBNU KH Said Aqil Siraj.
"I know the jury well, I think the jury is also capable. Although the jury has never (became a bureaucrat in the DKI Provincial Government), yes, but I think the jury understands about Jakarta. He is the (former) chairman of the DKI Jakarta KPU," said Taufik.
Finally, the name that is said to be the acting governor is Marullah Matali. His work in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government began in 1996.
The former South Jakarta Mayor who was born on November 27, 1965, has filled various positions, as staff of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Mental Spiritual Development Bureau, Head of the Mental Institution Development Section of the DKI Jakarta Bintal and Social Welfare Service, and Section Head of the Mental Development Service of the Bintal and Social Welfare Service. DKI Jakarta.
Later, he served as Head of the Sub-Department of Mental Spiritual Development at the Jakarta Bintal and Social Welfare Service, Head of the Secretariat of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Social Service, and Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education and Mental Bureau.
Prior to serving as Mayor of South Jakarta, Marullah served as Assistant to the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Province for Tourism and Assistant to the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Province for Population Control.
On January 18, 2021, Marullah Matali replaced Sri Haryati, who became the acting Regional Secretary of the DKI Jakarta Province after the DKI Jakarta Secretary Saefullah died, and has served until now.
Taufik said Marullah was a nahdiyin. He is listed in the management of the DKI Jakarta PWNU 2021-2026 as Deputy Chair of the Tanfidziyah Daily Management.

Therefore, Taufik believes that NU will not interfere in the election of the acting governor of DKI later.
"Those three are NU, Mr. Marullah NU, NU Jury, Heru, and NU. I think this is the case with the PJ Governor, it's the president's right. Yes, we shouldn't interfere in the president's sphere," said Taufik.

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