9 Riot Demonstrators In Makassar Seized Positive For Drugs

MAKASSAR - Makassar Police Headquarters Kombes Budhi Haryanto said that of the 64 people who were arrested for rioting, nine of them tested positive for drugs.

"There were 64 people who were arrested during yesterday's action. The results of the examination were nine positive for methamphetamine," said Budhi, quoted by Antara, Tuesday, April 12.

The nine people, said the Police Chief, after a urine examination, the results were positive for amphetamine substances. They will be further processed for development. In addition, three protesters were arrested for carrying sharp weapons.

"Those who are positive for methamphetamine and those who carry sharp weapons, will continue (the legal process) and we will develop it," he asserted.

The number of protesters who were secured were scattered at several points of clashes, such as under an overpass, around the campus area of the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Jalan Urip Sumoharjo, the Makassar State University campus, Jalan Andi Pangeran Pettarani and the Unismuh campus on Jalan Sultan Alauddin.

Previously, the South Sulawesi Police Chief Inspector General Nana Sudjana said the number of people who took part in the demonstration was estimated at 2,000 people. It is suspected that a group of intruders took part in the action, causing a riot that led to clashes.

The riot was triggered by certain groups of people deliberately throwing stones at the fence and inside the South Sulawesi DPRD office to provoke the masses. Police had warned through loudspeakers in a persuasive manner, but were ignored and tried to break down the fence of the local council office.

"We have warned them (students) to stop the throwing, because it will damage the government offices and the council, but they don't pay attention," he said.

"Inevitably we do encouragement, but we convey persuasively, but they don't listen. We have to use tear gas," he said.

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