Religion Teacher Molested His 10-year-old Student, Carried Out At The Victim's House While Studying
Suspect NF (detention suit), a religious teacher who molested a 10 year old student/ Photo: Doc. Banten Police

SERANG - NF (48) a religion teacher was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Serang Police. He was named a suspect in a case of molestation against his 10-year-old student.

Serang Police Chief Assistant Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Yudha Satria said the disclosure of the case began with reports from the victim's parents since March 1.

At that time, said Yudha, the victim's parents suspected the perpetrator's movements in the house while teaching their child. Based on these suspicions, the victim's parents checked the CCTV footage in the house.

"From the CCTV footage, the suspect can be seen holding the victim's body and telling her to hold her genitals," explained Yudha, in a written statement, Monday, April 11.

Not accepting the suspect's actions, the victim's parents then reported the incident to the Serang Police.

"Based on the report, the police then secured the suspect at his house not far from the victim's residence," added Judah.

Yudha explained, from the results of the examination of the victim, this was not the first time the suspect had committed an act of sexual abuse against the victim.

"According to the confession, the victim had been molested by the teacher five times since March 2022. The first to fourth incidents were at the Ta'lim Council and the last one was at the victim's house," explained Yudha.

From the results of the examination, still said Yudha, the suspect carried out sexual abuse by touching the victim, the suspect also forced the victim to hold his vital area.

"For the motive is lust, forcing the victim to do obscene acts. The suspect also admitted his obscene acts against the victim, but he said that the obscene act was only done once," he said.

The suspect was charged with Article 82 paragraph 1 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 17 of 2016 concerning the Second Amendment to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection with a maximum penalty of 15 years and a minimum of 5 years in prison.

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