PGI Responds To Pastor Saifuddin Who Asks To Delete 300 Quranic Verses: That's Personal, Don't Generalize Christian Attitudes
Photo by Madrosah Sunnah on Unsplash

JAKARTA - PGI finally opened its voice regarding the viral video of a middle-aged man who claimed to be a priest named Saifuddin Ibrahim and asked the Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas to delete 300 verses of the Koran. PGI emphasized that this was not the attitude of the church.

"This statement is personal and has nothing to do with PGI and churches in general in Indonesia," said PGI's Head of Public Relations, Jeirry Sumampow in his official statement, Friday, March 18.

PGI also asks the public not to be trapped in generalizing the attitudes and personal views of Saifuddin Ibrahim as the attitude of the Christian community. PGI said, Christianity does not teach the path of hatred or revenge.

"PGI hopes that all parties are careful and wise in responding to provocative statements that can be used by certain parties for the benefit of damaging inter-religious harmony and society," said Jeirry.

"PGI requests that this polemic no longer be continued and disseminated through various media because it does not bring positive benefits," he asked.

In the video, Saifuddin Ibrahim asked the Minister of Religion to delete 300 verses of the Qur'an. The reason is that these verses are considered the cause of radicalism. The controversial statement began when Saifuddin Ibrahim supported the Minister of Religion's decision regarding the regulation of the volume of the call to prayer. "I have repeatedly told the minister of religion, and this is the minister of religion who I think has high tolerance and peace towards minorities," said Syaifuddin Ibrahim. In addition to supporting, Saifuddin Ibrahim also suggested that the Minister of Religion evaluate the curriculum of Islamic-based schools to Islamic boarding schools. Because, the curriculum is a source of chaos. "Also regulate the curriculum in madrasas, to tertiary institutions. Because the source of chaos is from an incorrect curriculum. Even the curriculum in Islamic boarding schools should not be afraid to be overhauled, sir," said Saifuddin.

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