Facts Of PIK 2 Illegal Loan, From Dozens Of Applications To Employ Minors
The Metro Jaya Police Special Criminal Directorate team raided an online loan office (pinjol) in the Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 area, North Jakarta/PHOTO: Rizky Adytia-VOI

JAKARTA - The Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimsus) of the Metro Jaya Police raided an online loan office (pinjol) located in the Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 2 area, North Jakarta, on Wednesday, January 26.

From the raid, some surprising facts emerged. For example, the loan has dozens of applications to employ minors.

99 People Arrested

After raiding the Pinjol office which is located at Ruko Palladium Blok G7, Pulau Maju Bersama street, PIK, North Jakarta, the police arrested 99 people. They are all involved in illegal borrowing practices.

"Currently, we have secured 99 people," said Head of Public Relations of Metro Jaya Police Grand Commissioner E. Zulpan to reporters, Wednesday, January 26.

Of the dozens of people who were arrested, one of them was a manager. While the rest are temporary employees.

"It consists of 1 manager, 98 employees," he said.

Dozens of employees and even then divided into two teams. Where the first team of 48 employees served as a reminder for customers to pay bills.

"Their task is divided into 2, namely as a reminder team there are 48 people, then the task of this reminder team is to remind before it is due," added Zulpan.

Meanwhile, the rest serve as reminders and collectors to customers who are late paying. They use methods that violate the rules.

"The rest of the 50 people are a team to remind borrowers of delays and are divided into several categories, namely 1-7 days late by their own team, then 8-15 days late by their own team reminding them, then 16-30 days and 31 to 30 days late. 60 days," said Zulpan.

"They use methods that violate the rules," he continued.

Employ Minors

Of the dozens of people who were arrested, it was revealed that the company employs minors. This is based on the results of an interim examination.

"We see that a lot of people who work here are underage people," said Zulpan.

They want to work in this loan company allegedly because they do not really understand the existing rules. Where, the company is illegal because it does not have a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

"They lack knowledge about these illegally carried out lending activities," he said.

14 Apps

From the results of the interim examination, other facts were revealed. This illegal loan company has only been operating for about two months. But, already has 14 applications.

"It started operating last year to be exact in December 2021," said Zulpan.

The loan is said to be illegal because it does not have a permit from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In practice, they disseminate information about the application of pinjol in various ways.

Based on the results of the examination, this illegal loan company has 14 applications. For example, Safe Funds and Rodi Money.

"There are 14 applications that they manage here including Secure Funds, Rodi Money, Guaranteed Loans, GoCredit, Main Fund. Then, Online Funds and so on," said Zulpan.

However, Zulpan has not been able to specify the number of customers from the 14 illegal loan applications. Because they are still investigating the matter.

"We'll check it out later, we just secured it today," said Zulpan.

For now, dozens of people who work at the illegal loan company have been brought to the Metro Jaya Police. They will be questioned for further information.

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