Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution: Beware Of The Increasing Trend Of COVID-19 Cases
Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution/PHOTO VIA ANTARA

MEDAN - Mayor of Medan, North Sumatra, Bobby Nasution asked the public to be aware of the trend of increasing confirmed cases of COVID-19 by disciplining health protocols (prokes).

"This increase in COVID-19 confirmation has occurred in the last four days, after it has been sloping. In addition, people are starting to relax in implementing health procedures," said Bobby Nasution in Medan, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, January 26.

Bobby Nasution said that the Medan City COVID-19 Task Force report on Wednesday, January 26 stated that there were 48,188 confirmed cases of COVID-19 or an increase of 23 new cases.

Of the total 48,188 cases, continued Bobby Nasution, 47,190 cases were declared cured, 79 patients were still being treated and 918 died.

The Mayor of Medan reminded that this increase in cases must be addressed immediately, one of which is to discipline the process and obey the regulations, not to touch the economy.

In addition, Bobby Nasution emphasized the use of the PeduliLindungi application as a basis for tracing.

"The PeduliLindungi application can determine the capacity of a place. If the capacity is 500 people, according to the application data it is close to 500 people, then visitors are no longer allowed to enter the place," he said.

"If it is violated, then business actors can be immediately reprimanded. This is what I mean without having to touch economic activities," explained Bobby Nasution.

The mayor also emphasized that the Medan City Government will immediately form a special team to check various public places, if they exceed the capacity according to the PeduliLindungi application.

"In addition, micro PPKM has been reactivated to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in Medan City. The application of micro PPKM is carried out in sub-districts where there are cases of COVID-19," said Bobby Nasution.

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