Student In Tuban Becomes Suspect Of Stupid Investment, There Are 47 Victims With Losses Of IDR 570 Million
Tuban Police Chief, Grand Commissioner Adjutant Darman in releasing fraudulent investment case/PHOTO of Tuban Police Public Relations

TUBAN - FF (21) a student from Tuban, East Java, must be behind bars because she was reported as a victim of a fraudulent investment that she offered.

Initially, the suspect offered an investment/slot business via WhatsApp stories to his victims. Feeling attracted to the victim with the initials DAY (30) trying this lucky business.

From the first, second, and third participations in November 2021, the victim got the results promised by the suspect. However, in the next slot payment through several payments with a total of IDR 68,500,000, the victim did not get what the suspect promised.

The victim tried to contact the suspect but couldn't. Even when the victim went to the suspect's house, he was not there. Feeling aggrieved, the victim reported the incident to the Tuban Police.

Apart from DAY, there were 46 other victims with a total loss of IDR 570.100.000.

"There have been 47 victims who have reported with 2 resellers being reported, one we have detained and one is still being investigated. Hopefully, in the near future we can identify a suspect with a loss of more than IDR 570 million," said Tuban Police Chief Grand Commissioner Adjutant Darman at a meeting press, as quoted from a written statement, Wednesday, January 26.

Meanwhile, regarding the investment proceeds, the suspect admitted to depositing it with SZB, the owner who is currently undergoing legal proceedings at the Lamongan Police.

"All of the suspect's confessions were deposited with the owner and he admitted that he only received a fee of 2% of the proceeds deposited," he concluded.

To account for his actions, the suspect was charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code or Article 372 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 64 (1) of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of 5 (five) years in prison.

Grand Commissioner Adjutant Darman appealed to the public not to easily believe the promises of large profits offered in trading investments.

"I hope that people who are victims of investment trading scams with the lure of quite fantastic profits so that people don't fall into the cradle with the lure of big profits are indeed quite tempting," he added.

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