Tangerang City COVID-19 Update, Tuesday, January 25: 102 People Confirmed Positive, 12 Healed

TANGERANG – There were 102 positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tangerang City in a day. So in total there are 30,565 cases. Meanwhile, the number of recovered people only increased by 12 people, bringing the total to 29,238 people.

The number of patients undergoing treatment has increased by 90, bringing the total to 831 cases. Referring to the Tangerang City COVID-19 website, these figures are based on reports up to January 24, 2020, at 21.50 WIB.

Changes in data today, Tuesday, January 25, in the treatment of 90 patients, recovered 12 and died none. For COVID-19 patients with indications of exposure from abroad as many as 8 patients, bringing the total to 971 people.

The following is the updated data for COVID-19 in 13 sub-districts of Tangerang City:

1. Benda District, there are 23 active suspects and 17 patients being treated2. Priuk Subdistrict has 50 active suspects and 60 patients are being treated3. District Cibodas active suspects 113 people and 58 patients treated4. Jatiuwung sub-district has 33 active suspects and 9 patients are being treated.5. Batuceper District, 24 active suspects and 36 patients being treated,6. District of Karang Tengah is active, 72 people are suspected and 65 patients are being treated7. Neglasari District has 36 active suspects and 35 patients are being treated8. District Ciledug active suspects 61 people and 78 patients treated.9. Larangan District has 54 active suspects and 79 patients are being treated10. Tangerang District has 108 active suspects and 95 patients are being treated11. District Cipondoh active suspects 111 people and 114 patients treated.12. There are 126 active suspects in Pinang District and 96 patients are being treated13. District Karawaci active suspects 100 people and 98 patients treated.

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