Warden Of Tulungagung Prison Fails To Smuggle 31 Packages Of Shabu
Illustration of methamphetamine(Shutterstock/Shyripa Alexandr)

The East Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office confirmed that its staff had foiled an attempt to smuggle 31 packages of methamphetamine and 40 double L psychotropic pills into the Tulungagung Class IIB Penitentiary. In addition to 31 packages of methamphetamine and 40 pills of double L, Wisnu said his staff found eight pipettes and two cellular operator cards. "The chronology of the disclosure of this smuggling attempt occurred on Thursday (20/1) at around 10.35 WIB. At that time, a visitor with the initials DDP registered himself at Counter One of the One Stop Integrated Services (LTSP) of Tulungagung Prison. The goal was to entrust the visit's luggage to the inmates with the initials BS. 10.50 WIB," he said. DDP also handed over the goods to a search officer named Eko Wahyudi. Using a wire tool, the officers checked the liquid soap bottle. After that, the officers opened the liquid soap package in front of DDP, the Head of the Lapas Security Unit, and several other witnesses using a knife. It turned out that inside the bottle was found narcotics of methamphetamine and double L pills. In total, 31 packages of methamphetamine weighing 35.27 were found. gram and package, 40 double L pills, eight dropper and two SIM cards.

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