Reisa Broto Asmoro: Church Administrators Must Prepare Officers To Supervise Health Protocol On Christmas Day
Government Spokesperson for COVID-19 and Ambassador for the Adaptation of New Habits, Reisa Broto Asmoro (Photo: Lukas/Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat via

JAKARTA - Government Spokesperson for COVID-19 and Ambassador for the Adaptation of New Habits, Reisa Broto Asmoro, said that every church administrator and administrator is obliged to prepare officers to oversee health protocols on Christmas Day.

"Church administrators and administrators are obliged to prepare officers to oversee health protocols such as periodic disinfection," said Reisa in a Health Broadcast with Doctor Reisa entitled Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Still Effective in 2022 which was followed online in Jakarta, reported by Antara, Monday, 29 November.

Reisa said that in welcoming Christmas Day in 2021, a number of strict efforts were needed in carrying out health protocols to avoid the rapid spread of COVID-19 again.

Based on the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 62 of 2021 concerning Prevention and Control of COVID-19 at Christmas in 2021 and New Year of 2022, several instructions for the implementation of Christmas worship include the need to establish a Health Protocol Task Force for Handling COVID-19 in coordination with the COVID-19 Task Force in the area concerned.

In addition, church administrators must also ensure that those involved in the event use the PeduliLindungi application both when entering or leaving the church.

In this case, it is hoped that the management will only allow congregations that are in the yellow and green categories or who have been vaccinated to enter the big day event and regulate the flow of congregational mobility and the entrance or exit of the church in order to facilitate the implementation and supervision of health protocols.

Reisa also suggested that the implementation of worship and Christmas celebrations can be carried out in a simple manner and emphasizes fellowship in the family or hybrid (online) with the prepared worship procedures, namely limiting the number of people in these activities to less than 50 percent of the church's capacity.

She hoped that all parties could orderly implement the health protocols so that the number of positive cases remained sloping and alert to anticipate mutations from the COVID-19 variant during the 2021 Christmas and 2022 New Year holidays.

“Ordering health protocols is not only useful so that we avoid COVID-19, but also minimizes the potential for mutations and new variants in the future. Protect ourselves, protect Indonesia. God willing, we can end the pandemic together," said Reisa.

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