Bahar Smith Threatens To Kill Kyai, Traitorous Ulama Rizieq, Aziz Yanuar: If Someone Is Offended, It Means It's True
Aziz Yanuar (Photo: Special)
JAKARTA - Former FPI lawyer, Aziz Yanuar explained the purpose of the threat made by Habib Bahar Bin Smith who said he would kill people who betrayed Muhammad Rizieq Shihab.
Aziz explained that if there were ulemas or Muslims who were offended by Bahar bin Smith's threat, it meant that the person concerned had betrayed Rizieq.
"If anyone feels offended by Habib Bahar bin Smith's words, it means he really feels he betrayed Habib Rizieq Shihab," Aziz told VOI, Sunday, November 28.
Aziz explained that actually Bahar bin Smith's threats were only aimed at habib, kyai, ulema and Rizieq's Muslims.
"The warning from Habib Bahar is for our internal HRS (Rizieq) lovers. So, Habib Bahar is rebuking our own congregation, HRS and Habib Bahar lovers. For Habib Bahar, the most expensive thing is loyalty and the most hated is betrayal, " said Aziz.
Why can this threat be made? Aziz said that since Rizieq arrived in Indonesia from Saudi Arabia, many of his followers were present at Soekarno Hatta Airport to pick up Rizieq.
However, when Rizieq was sentenced to a case of violating health protocols and languishing in prison, Aziz and Bahar bin Smith saw that Rizieq's loyal following began to decrease.
"Habib Bahar saw many habibs, clerics, and people who came to the airport to pick him up when HRS arrived in Indonesia, but only remained silent when HRS was persecuted and imprisoned and few came to every HRS trial. Why did he remain silent after he was imprisoned, there was no defense? "Aziz explained.
Previously, Habib Bahar bin Smith's lecture went viral on social media, Twitter. The first lecture after being released from the Gunung Sindur Correctional Institution (LP) talked about Rizieq Shihab and his six bodyguards who died some time ago.
With a high tone, Bahar Smith will kill anyone who betrays Rizieq Shihab one by one. It doesn't matter if it's habaib, kyai or ulema.
"You people, I'm not talking about the government, you're the habaib, the kyai, the ulema, whoever you are, want you to be a guardian's son, want you to be a cleric's son, you betrayed Habib Rizieq, I'll kill you one by one," Bahar said in the video. viral.
Bahar also mentioned six FPI soldiers who were killed but there was no response from Muslims.
"Where are you, O Muslims, where are you scholars, where are you habaib, when he is in prison you are sluggish, you become soft, you turn to the wrongdoers, I will look for you one by one. I will kill you You, no matter how many you are, betraying Habib Rizieq, I will kill and I will destroy," he said.

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