Even Though His Wife Lost At The Borobudur Marathon, Ganjar Said This Was His Biggest Victory Record, How Come?
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo (DOK Public Relations Central Java)
MAGELANG - The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, was defeated by his wife during the Borobudur Marathon in the Temple Review category which was held in the Borobudur area, Sunday, November 28. Ganjar was only able to run one lap of the 21 km route.
Siti Atikoh managed to finish the match. He devoured a full six laps with a time of 2 hours 23 minutes 9 seconds. Ganjar, became a participant in the Borobudur Marathon in the Candi View category along with 128 other general participants.
Due to the pandemic period, the participants only ran around the Borobudur Temple area for six rounds and did not leave the Borobudur temple environment.
Ganjar was so excited when the start flag was hoisted at 05.00 WIB. Running in first place, Ganjar seemed determined to swing his legs to run. However, Ganjar was only able to complete one round. Even so, Ganjar celebrated when he entered the finish line on the first lap. He raised his hands as if he really became a champion.
"Alhamdulillah, I finally finished. This is my biggest record. I beat all the professional runners. I managed to finish first, but only on the first lap," said Ganjar, gasping for air.
Although only one lap, but Ganjar looks tired. Sweat was pouring down and the way was staggering. He also rested on the edge of the track while encouraging the runners who finished the next laps.
Central Java Provincial Government Doc
"Come on guys, it's not finished yet. I finished first. Sorry, I kept sprinting. Sorry," he said, greeted with laughter from the participants.
There were also some participants who asked Ganjar to run again. However, Ganjar with a smile refused and said funny words.
"I've finished, mas, kowe continued (you can continue). Later, the hair will be cut, yes," he said to the male participant with long hair.
Ganjar, who looked exhausted, was immediately approached by the medical team. When offered a massage, he immediately agreed. Ganjar was massaged on the edge of the track while continuing to encourage other participants, including his wife. Several participants who passed in front of Ganjar stopped running to ask for a selfie with the white-haired man.
When Siti Atikoh passed by, she did not think that the man being massaged on the side of the track was her husband.
"Oh my boy," Atikoh said in surprise as he continued to run.
"Come on, cheer up..." shouted Ganjar encouragingly.
According to Ganjar, this year's Borobudur Marathon was a success. The runners were so excited to complete the predetermined route. Both the elite and general categories, all were very enthusiastic about participating in the event.
"It's amazing, the weather is also very good. Runners are very excited and can complete the route by circling the Borobudur temple six times," he said.
He gave a thumbs up to the runners who managed to finish the match. Because they are very excited and have prepared themselves to enter this prestigious event. Ganjar, who only ran one lap, admitted that he was running out of breath.
"I finished the first time, but one lap. It turned out that one lap was enough, quite stiff. Our runners turned out to be great," he explained.
Runners Appreciation
The Borobudur Marathon itself was highly appreciated by Indonesian runners. Those who had the opportunity to run in this event said they were very proud because they had missed an offline running event like this.
"During this pandemic, it is rare for anyone to hold an offline running competition. I really salute this Borobudur Marathon. It's amazing because it can hold an offline running competition well," said Irmansyah, winner of the Borobudur Marathon in the Candi View category.
The 31-year-old runner from West Kalimantan said that the Borobudur Marathon made runners feel homesick in Indonesia. Many runners are looking forward to this annual event.
"Moreover, the euphoria of runners in Indonesia is extraordinary. It is hoped that there will be many more events that will be held like this," he said.

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