Workers Protest UMP, Deputy Governor Of DKI: We Did Not Compose The Formula, We Find Solutions With The Center
Deputy Governor of DKI Riza Patria/PHOTO DOK VOI-Diah Ayu

JAKARTA - Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria said there are rules that the government must obey in the preparation of the UMP.

"There is already a formula and formula for determining the UMP, we didn't compose it, we only included the figures, inflation, and so on," said Deputy Governor Riza at City Hall, Friday, November 27.

The regulation in question is PP Number 36 of 2021 concerning Wages, a derivative of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation (UU Cipta Kerja).

Deputy Governor Riza ensured that the DKI Provincial Government and the central government would find other alternatives. Especially in improving the welfare of workers and the interests of all parties.

"Just wait, we are looking for breakthroughs to improve (welfare), we are looking for a solution with the central government," he continued.

DKI Governor Anies Baswedan previously announced the DKI Jakarta UMP in 2022 of IDR 4.45 million. This means that the DKI UMP only increased by around IDR 37 thousand or 0.85 percent from the 2021 UMP of IDR 4,416,186.

Anies revealed, the amount of the UMP is based on the provisions of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation and the formula contained in Article 26 and Article 27 of Government Regulation Number 36 of 2021 concerning Wages that apply to workers/laborers with a working period of less than 1 (one) year. ) year

Meanwhile, the President of KSPI, Said Iqbal, in his oration, conveyed an ultimatum to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, to immediately revoke the Governor's Statement on the Determination of the 2022 DKI Jakarta UMP.

"We ask Pak Anies firmly within 3x24 hours, we DKI workers ask the Governor to revoke the Governor's Decree regarding the UMP that has been issued and increase the amount," said Said.

If these demands are not met, he said, the mass of workers will again hold demonstrations in front of the DKI City Hall.

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