Commander General Andika Perkasa Transfers 23 TNI Officers, Including Danjen Kopassus
TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa (left), accompanied by Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI Fadjar Prasetyo (right), (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa has transferred 23 TNI officers from three dimensions, including the Kopassus Commander General (Danjen) who is currently filled by TNI Major General Teguh Muji Angkasa replacing Major General TNI M Hasan. (SK) Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Number Kep/1029/XI/2021 concerning Dismissal from/and Appointments in Positions within the Indonesian National Army. So, Wanjakti is normally done every three months, and the last one was last September. So, what came out yesterday was the result of the Wanjakti that had been agreed and held, including the change of the Danjen Kopassus to the Iskandar Muda Commander in Aceh," Andika said when asked about the transfer of officers on the sidelines of a visit to the Indonesian Navy Headquarters, Jakarta, as reported by Antara, Monday, November 23.

The Council for High Ranks and Positions (Wanjakti) is an advisory board tasked with mapping and recommending high-ranking officers who will be assigned to certain positions to the TNI Commander. The latest mutation within the TNI was signed by the Head of the General Secretariat of the TNI, Brigadier General Edy Rochmatullah on behalf of the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa on Wednesday, November 17 last week. Thus, the position of Danjen Kopassus is currently occupied by Major General TNI Teguh Muji Angkasa. Teguh, graduated from the Military Academy 1989, previously served as a permanent lecturer at the Defense University (IDU). became the Territorial Assistant (Aster) of the Army Chief of Staff (Kasad). In addition to these names, other officers who were included in the transfer list according to the contents of the decree, namely TNI Lt. Gen. Dudung Abdurachman from Pangkostrad became the Army Chief of Staff; TNI Lieutenant General Ganip Warsito from Head of BNPB to Pati Headquarters of the Indonesian Army (in order to retire); Major General TNI Suharyanto from Pangdam V Brawijaya becomes Head of BNPB; Maj. Gen. Nurchahyanto from Aster Kasad becomes Pangdam V Brawijaya; TNI Major General Gregorius Henu Basworo from Pa Sahli Tk III Kasad Bid Wassus and LH as Permanent Lecturer of the Defense University; TNI Brigadier General Bahman from Dirdiklat Pusterad became Pa Sahli Tk III KSAD Bid Wassus and LH. Brigadier General Farid Makruf from Danrem 132/Tdl Kodam XIII/Merdeka became Dirdiklat Pusterad; Brigadier General Toto Irwanto from Waaster KSAD Bid Tahwil Komsos and Bakti TNI became Danrem 132/Tdl Kodam XIII/Merdeka; TNI Brigadier General Junaedi from Kapoksahli Pangdam I/BB to Waaster KSAD Bid Tahwil Komsos and Bakti TNI; Colonel Arm Immer Hotma Partogi Butarbutar from Kasrem 181/PVT (Sorong) Kodam XVIII Kasuari becomes Kapoksahli Pangdam I BB. Marsda TNI Budi Prasetyono from Pa Sahli Tk III Bid Ekkudag TNI Commander becomes Special Staff of KSAU; Marsma TNI Dr. Didik Kestito from Waka Puskes TNI to Pa Sahli Tk III Bid Ekkudag TNI Commander; Marsma TNI dr M Daradjat from the Special Staff of Kasau to Deputy Head of the TNI Health Center; Marsma TNI Petrus H Sujatmoko from Pa Sahli Tk II Poldagri Sahli Bid Polkamnas TNI Commander became Special Staff for TNI Commander. Colonel Tek Surip Suparjo from Dirharsenban Koharmatau became Pa Sahli Tk II Poldagri Sahli Bid Polkamnas TNI Commander; TNI Brigadier General Eko Ganento Utomo from Pa Sahli Tk II Bid Banusia TNI Commander to Pati Headquarters of the Indonesian Army (in order to retire); Colonel Arm Djonny Indramawan from Kadep Faljuang Sesko TNI to Pa Sahli Tk II Bid Banusia TNI Commander; Admiral TNI Suratno from the Expert Reviewer of the Archipelago Insights Division of Lemhannas to Pati Headquarters of the Indonesian Navy (in order to retire); Admiral TNI Tedjo Sukmono from the Deputy for Search and Rescue Operations and Preparedness of the BNPP (Basarnas) became Pati Head of the Navy Headquarters (died).

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