Bitcoin Prices Are Still Mighty And Keep Climbing

JAKARTA - The price of Bitcoin continues to show a significant increase. In the closing of trading this afternoon, the Bitcoin price has perched at the level of US $ 10,193 or around Rp.148 million.

Launching Coindesk, at 15.45 WIB, the Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate had a positive correction of 2.21 percent in the last 24 hours. Even though it had fluctuated, the Bitcoin price still showed a high value.


Based on marketplace index records, Bitcoin was at its highest at 10,200 US dollars per coin. But entering June, this cryptocurrency was under pressure at its lowest level.

Even though last May Bitcoin had just done a halving, the Bitcoin reprogramming process that cut miners' income from the process of parsing a mathematical algorithm to generate Bitcoin. This halving process is carried out every four years with the aim of maintaining inflation, so that the Bitcoin price is maintained.

In addition, many countries that have issued economic stimuli have also boosted the price of Bitcoin in the market. Plus, a number of countries in the European region are ready to make it easier to license and use cryptocurrency in their respective countries.

As a result Bitcoin has proven to be a safe haven asset. Where since the COVID-19 pandemic, until the middle of this year the price has fluctuated and increased.

The upward trend in prices was also followed by Ethereum (ETH) which rose to its highest level in 13 months at 323 US dollars per coin, at the close of the market last week. Now the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies traded is currently corrected 9 percent higher in the last 24 hours.