Exploiting Emotions In The World Of The Married And Other Drakor Titles

We have reviewed the titles of legendary Korean dramas (drakor) through "Rows of Legendary and Most Influential Drakors for the South Korean Entertainment Industry". Still part of VOI's signature Series Writing, "Korean Drama Invasion". Now we explore the characteristics of Korean dramas, including the exploitation of emotions that make Indonesian audiences act ridiculous, berating one of The World of the Married's drama stars, Han So Hee for her role in the popular drama.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) was told the life that seemed perfect at the beginning. His career has been brilliant. He held a high position in a hospital in South Korea. Sun Woo's personal life is full of love, with his son and husband, Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon). However, that life changes when Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) appears. He won Lee Tae Oh's heart. All the drakor conflicts about this affair began.

The paragraph line above is a synopsis of the popular 2020 Korean drama (drakor), The World of the Married. Domestic conflicts that were raised as the theme provoked emotions, especially for Indonesian audiences. The affair between Tae Oh and Da Kyung ties them up. So Hee's Instagram account, @xeesoxee, was targeted. The viewers showered the comments column of So Hee's uploads with scorn.

Because of the massive scolding of Indonesian audiences against So Hee, the word "pelakor" was viral in South Korea. The reaction of the Indonesian audience even provoked the production team of The World of the Married to join in. They are well aware of the two sides of the coin behind this condition. A little worrying is the response of the Indonesian audience - especially So Hee. However, on the other hand, they smell the success of their title in Indonesia.

"Specifically, Indonesia is one of the regions that feels the 'Korean Wave'. Many drama actors play dramas with Indonesian backgrounds, such as Lee Young Ae and Hyun Bin. " reported by StarToday, 2 May.

Parasocial relationship

We discuss this with clinical psychologist Nadya Pramesrani. In general, the above phenomena are closely related to parasocial relationships. Basically, parasocial relationships are related to a person's admiration for a certain figure. That admiration gives rise to the imagination of a certain relationship with the person he admires.

Horton and Wohl, in the journal Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance, explained that the main characteristic of a parasocial relationship is a one-way relationship. According to this journal, the development of a close parasocial relationship is based on emotional experiences. The strength of a social relationship is very much dependent on the personality and character of the idol.

However, parasocial relationships are not only about positive values and admiration. It also applies to hatred. This is the relationship between the audience of The World of the Married and So Hee. Nadya explains, the persona of admiration in The World of the Married is directed at Hee Ae. Meanwhile, hatred is taken out on So Hee.

"That is proof that this parasocial relationship has both advantages and disadvantages. Its strengths can make people thank and admire their idols. The drawback lies in the aggressive behavior (berating), "he told VOI, May 9.

The common thread of drama and emotion

After all, Drakor is Drakor. The truth is drama. Even so, drama is still drama. Since long time ago, one of the strengths of drama shows has been the attachment to the audience's emotions. Not the only indicator. However, a good drama will follow in the audience's head and chest after the broadcast is watched.

So at least from the psychological side. Nadya explained, in general, drama - not only drakor - has a strong tendency to drain emotions. After all, neuroscience places humans as emotional beings. Proximity is important. And all drama works put forward this as a way to dominate the audience.

"Not only drakor. Try watching a drama from Uncle Sam's country, Grey's Anatomy (2005), for example. In that series, emotions can also be mixed. Or another example, for example, Friends (1994) or How I Met Your Mother (2005) which can bring laughter. All the ingredients are the same. Namely, the closeness of the issue, "said Nadya.

This closeness is also what makes The World of the Married so crazy about Asian audiences, especially Indonesia. "So, although it is not exactly the same as the situation of each individual, series like that can provoke people to reflect while looking back at his life story," said Nadya.

This was admitted by Ashanti Widyana, an observer of South Korean culture as well as a lecturer in the Korean Language Education Study Program at the Indonesian Education University (UPI). According to him, Drakor has strong roots as a drama work. It is also reinforced by the historical roots of Drakor that were born from stage theater.

Therefore, even though there has been serious development in terms of choosing a theme, the emotional element that links the drama remains the main formula. According to Ashanti, all these formulas have strengthened Drakor's position as a viewing option.

"If I see, the drakor that has developed lately has begun to use many themes that are beyond human reason. What a fantasy. There are also those who try to be close to people's lives. Therefore, the themes and topics are very broad. They don't just follow the existing trends, "he said.

Understanding this discussion is of course important. Drakor is still Drakor. Drama is still drama. That's how it is. Emotional exploitation is an important element to build there. It is up to the audience, how far they want to be immersed in emotions. What is clear, keeping rationality remains everything, right?

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