Makes Goosebumps See The Booming Of Torobulu Ferry Passengers Heading To Tampo, Southeast Sulawesi

JAKARTA - Prospective passengers for the Torobulu Ferry ferry, South Konawe Regency to Tampo Port, Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) are booming.

This scene occurred a day before the enactment of the Eid homecoming ban on May 6-17, 2021. According to the Antara report, prospective ship passengers crowded the ferry port area, starting from ticket sales counters to queues of two-wheeled vehicles that reached hundreds of meters.

No less the queue of four-wheeled vehicles that looks quite solid.

Prospective passengers jostle in line for boat tickets, without any distance restrictions. However, they still use masks to protect themselves from spreading COVID-19.

Prospective passengers who want to cross using two wheels are willing to huddle with their vehicle so they can escape the queue.

"I was from Kendari at around 06.00 WITA arrived in Torobulu at 08.00 WITA, I immediately queued for a long ticket. Then I escaped to board the ship at around 17.00 WITA," said Aman, one of the ferry passengers who were about to cross to Muna Island. , Wednesday, May 5.

In contrast to La Ode Aril Masri, another passenger said that he had also arrived at the port since 04.30 WITA but had not yet entered the ship until evening.

"If you don't go home today, you won't be able to go home tomorrow. That's the government regulation, you can't go home on May 6-17, right? Well, what we regret is that the information used to be that we could go home in the province, but now we can't," said Finas.

He admitted that since he arrived at the port at dawn and queued up until 6:12 p.m. local time, he had not been able to get on the ship because the queue was so long.

"Not yet passed because the queue was very heavy. The ship at 10 (22.00 WITA) maybe this, or maybe at dawn for a while. Hopefully I can pass," added La Ode Aril.

Meanwhile, it was seen that many passengers who entered the ferry were sitting on the floor because they did not get a seat, including sitting on the boat in order to return to their hometowns.

Based on the information gathered in the field, there were two ships sailing, the first trip was around 07.00 Wita, the second at 10.00 Wita, third 13.30 WIT, fourth at 16.30 WITA, and further information around 22.00 WITA.