Thalita Latief Crying In Court Not Because Of Sadness, This Is The Real Reason

JAKARTA - In the middle of a divorce suit hearing, Thalita Latief still cries every time she finds out about Dennis Lyla. I was so shocked, he even fell down to hear the reality he was facing.

"When I was at the trial I was like knowing again 'crazy when I'm so (busy at work) it turns out that behind me is like dorr' and the facts are exposed every trial," he said on the MAIA ALELDUL TV YouTube channel which was uploaded Monday, May 3.

"It's crazy that I just discussed it last week (trial), I heard everything I fell to the floor, I cried. I cried until it was like shortness of breath. And it continued during the trial," he said again.

Thalita Latief did not deny that the issue of cheating was in their divorce. Even more surprising, he also admitted to experiencing Domestic Violence (KDRT).

Thalita still remembers very well one of the domestic violence that occurred when their marriage was 4 years old. At that time, Thalita admitted that Dennis Lyla threw her cellphone with her, causing her lips to bleed.

However, when asked what new facts were revealed, Thalita Latief refused to tell. In her upload on Instagram, Thalita provides an explanation of the meaning of the crying that she has been doing lately.

"People cry not because they are weak. They do it because they try to be strong for too long," wrote Thalita Latief in English.