Badmint Introduces Staking Rewards For Bitcoin Holders

JAKARTA - divided Chain has taken a bold step by introducing a reward staking system for Bitcoin (BTC) holders, giving them the opportunity to jump into a lucrative Decentralized Finance (DeFi) arena. As a dedicated designed Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin,oress Chain offers a way for Bitcoin users to take advantage of income opportunities that were previously available only on other blockchains.

Total Chain is committed to changing perceptions that Bitcoin is only a value deposit. By providing more than 700 million US Dollars BTC (approximately IDR 11.3 trillion) in the form of rewards staking and seeing the transfer of more than 13 billion US Dollars BTC (approximately IDR 211 trillion) through its network in the last 45 days, Chain shows the great potential of Bitcoin as a productive asset.

The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism adopted bytensive Chain, along with the innovative DeFi integration, aims to put Bitcoin in a position equivalent to Ethereum in terms of income opportunities. This is a significant step considering that Bitcoin holders have so far had no access to incentives or additional income beyond the increase in asset value.

Quoted from CoinSpeaker, Jeff, Founder often Chain, stated, "Bitcoin has proven itself to be the best performing asset of the past decade, but its holder has lost the results provided by other ecosystems. We want to change that by providing incentives to BTC investors and hodlers to gain and participate in an interesting DeFi ecosystem."


Berstake's Profits On The Chain

Bitcoin users who choose to take on the Chain will enjoy a variety of services and benefits. They can stake M-BTC, a wrapped version of Bitcoin that generates rewards staking, similar to STOTH. Jeff emphasized the security and scarcity of the Bitcoin network as added value of this initiative.

In addition, users can take advantage of M-BTC on DeFi platforms such as the Solv Protocol to obtain SolvBTC, which provides access to various DeFi services. They can also provide liquidity and get results from DeFi protocols that are integrated with firechain, exploring loans, derivatives, and other DeFi primitives with BTC capital.

To take advantage of this service, investors will have to use fire Bridge to bridge their BTC to the network, lock BTC in Layer-1, and receive BTC gas that can be staked into PoSmen's mechanism, resulting in M-BTC.